Membership in the association costs $20,000, or the equivalent in approved exchanges with the Club, until ONE when we reach self-sustaining volume and are able to take on new Member enrollments based on increased capacity alone.

Methods & Installments

Dues payments can be broken up as follows, without any interest tacked on:

  • $20,000 up-front by Credit Card or Wire Transfer, and start to receive benefits.

Or with approval...

  • In two parts, by Credit Card or Wire Transfer; $10,000 before and after 90 days.
  • In four parts, by Credit Card or Wire Transfer or Venmo; $4,999 every 90 days.

Institutional Financing

Dues can be paid for by special-purpose loans, and an agent can advise you on how to obtain financing from a commercial lender. And others who took this route will give advice as needed, by request. Once a Member, the Club offers special opportunities to make extra income, whether it is for Members to repay debt quickly or something else.